Dienstag, 4. Juli 2017

Die Godots

Die Godots (The Godots) are a two person band which is slightly different. While in a normal pop group usually different persons come together at the same place and time to make music, the Godots are a band where the same person at different times and places plays together. The young Pierre Godot once recorded the instrumental background in the early eighties, while the old Pigo (me) wrote and sang the lyrics in 2016 and 2017.
September 2016. A hedge trimmer elbow (tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis) prevented me from playing instruments for months. Restricted to singing and writing I realised that my 1982-1984 tracks needed lyrics and vocals to be complete. 35 years later I'd found out that these tunes are lousy instrumentals but good pop songs. So the old Pigo of 2017 and the young Pierre Godot of 1982 founded the band "Die Godots" and worked out a new album called "Nacktschneckendisco" (slug disco). It once (01 June 2017) was published as a music cassette but now only is available via https://pierregodot.bandcamp.com.

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